Sunday School Lessons


The following slides are for examples only. They are NOT intended to provide definitive, exhaustive lesson details. But rather to demonstrate the progression and types of outlines used in the Sunday School for Parents with Toddlers. If there is any doctrinal errors or mistakes I take full responsibility and is not intended to represent the official LDS church views.

Do to the size of the slides and limited space I have removed the video and audio associated with the respective slides. Additionally, as shared in the blog post "Sunday School for the Noisy", these slides are not intended to present everything in the lesson. Where possible I have found it best to keep the slides as simple and as possible.

Check back often for new slides. I have over 100 presentations I am eventually going to post. Its fun to look through them and see each weeks the slides improved in quality and conciseness. Enjoy.

Old Testament Lesson 32

Doctrine & Covenants and Church History Lesson 4